Leo Pakkhoo

Leo Pakkhoo

Hear what some of Leo's clients say about their experience....

It is an opportunity to not miss, to receive Leo’s gifts, whether they be exquisite music enabling, personal expansion, healing, or any form of his presence. Leo made a huge difference to my life, with his extraordinarily insightful, gentle, intuitive, loving and gifted abilities. He saw and partnered me in almost effortlessly resolving aspects no-one else had even come close to unwinding. These had held me back my whole life, despite all sorts of deep work. He is a generous, special being and it is fortunate when this man shows up in one’s field.

We came to Leo because we got to a point that didn’t feel good and we couldn’t figure out how to grow through it on our own. This was still early on in our relationship and it was important to us to free this relationship from our past patterns and stories.

What Leo gave us was a blueprint for how a relationship between a man and a woman can work in a really beautiful way. Leo made Greg, as a man, aware of how he can show up for his Queen in a way where she feels safe to blossom and be comfortable in her feminine softness but also taught him to stand firm in his masculinity and allow him to experience the freedoms that he needs in relationship so he can feel truly like himself. Leo guided Veronika to opening, trusting and connecting deeply with her unique Goddess-like essence that allowed her to step into her loving power instead of being held back by fear. Working with Leo has allowed us both to have much more mindful conversations when new challenges arise and appreciate our incredible growth as two individuals and as a couple.

It’s a really powerful way of being in a relationship that Leo taught us. We are still making it work for us, but the feelings of connectedness massively increased as we grew through our struggles and that Love and Trust has been steadily continuing to expand the more we practice Leo’s approach to Divine Union.

You are in amazingly loving hands with Leo.

My husband and I met Leo at a restaurant in Ubud and we were both drawn to him and his amazing charisma. After getting to know a little bit about his work we immediately booked a private session. It’s not fair to try and explain his work with words, because even if Leo talked a lot during the session, it was the emotions that surfaced and the general feeling of being seen and heard that was most prominent. We recorded the whole session, and so we were able to listen to it all again later to let the words and emotions they brought up connect deeper in the heart. Leo, thank you for giving us tools, courage and trust to open up more into our hearts and to each other!

Leo is one of the most authentic beings that you could meet in this lifetime. He has a sincere devotion to raise others’ vibration so they can help one another evolve. I’ve had the fortune of attending several men’s circles facilitated by Leo and each time I came out more empowered by his gentle yet knowledgeable handling of the topics raised in the circle. Socially, he’s easygoing, patient, warm, welcoming and always has time to listen to you and share his wisdom sensitively. He truly is a guardian – the kind that you can share a laugh with and put your head on the shoulder.

Leo is a truly inspiring person! We’ve met on the beautiful island Bali and I felt the instant connection between our souls. Interesting and motivating talks which inspired me to see some things in life from a different perspective. His knowledge and experience can truly help people to get out of some old programs and get rid of some thoughts that could hold you back.
Easy and understandable language for everybody! I am very grateful for meeting this beautiful soul and for all the conversations we had.

Leo has helped heal my relation with music (which has been traumatised by being forced to “work” the piano as a child) and has shown me instead an intuitive and playful way of making friends with the instrument, a method that bypasses the mind and re-establishes high-rapport with the instrument, that is, a connection of Love between the Player and the Played. His Tantric approach to a wide variety of life’s aspects is also a very powerful transformative tool that extends way beyond just the relation with music per se. With love,

You created a safe space for me to open up and to find my way back to my heart. I was coming to you to learn ukulele, but you really supported me in the challenges I went through at the time. I appreciate your balanced energy and kindness.

Leo is amazing! As a human, as a friend, as a teacher, as a counselor, as a guide. I first called him to be my ukulele teacher, and yet he ended up giving me much more than awesome classes! Just looking in his eyes is a powerful experience of healing and self acceptance. Thank you Leo. For touching my heart and using anything (music) as an excuse to heal the world secretly. Om 🙏

Leo is an amazing shaman/coach/mentor/friend… if there is a characteristic that defines Leo, that is humility. He is the one who knows but has always a beginner’s attitude. He can see through you and understand what is the core of your issues, what needs to be addressed and how. He is approachable and wise. He gave me the best advice ever, he changes the lives of everyone around him by inspiring them. I definitely recommend attending one of his workshops or having a 1 on 1 session with him. I love this man.

Leo’s carries and shares deep wisdom, selfless service and a profound love for his fellow human beings and for life as such. It has been an honor to work with him and receive the guidance that I needed to fully step into my Dharma.”

Leo has been an instrumental factor in my spiritual growth. As well as always being able to recognize, honor and celebrate the true potential in each individual, Leo has also brought to light some of my habitual ways which were inauthentic and energy consuming. I am truly grateful for this humble being’s way of intuitively being able to tune into Source and allow himself to be used as a catalyst for healing and transformation. Blessings on your journey of service dear brother. Haux Haux.

I think I was just a little lost after leaving the rat race… Wandering around in Central America and Asia, doing trainings, going to different ceremonies, circles and meetings, searching for something I didn’t know, until I met Leo. In him I found a wonderful ukulele teacher and the most amazing friend. Leo showed and taught me with lovely metaphors and stories why I am how I am and why people are how they are. Why it is worth to be a living example, to be compassionate, understanding and to inspire people.
He reminded me that everything comes from within, that I’m already perfect and just have to remember – so he gave me tips and clues how to find my own truth and become the best version of myself.

In his presence I feel safe, never judged and always welcome so I can be really myself. With Leo it’s not only words, Leo truly lives what he is saying and was (and still is) my inspiration.

Thank you lovely ukulele warrior.

I am forever grateful to have Leo as my ukulele & guitar teacher.
He embodies self love through music .
His teaching is beyond, not only how to play instruments but he explains the relationship to music as your connection to your spirit.
He encourages us to feel the music when we often tend to think when we are learning skills.
He encourages us to remember our unique gift of who we truly are and helps us to shine our inner light.

Leo has supported & guided me in a tremendous way.
His way of coaching and guiding people is totally unique & right on target.
I have never met anyone of this kind of calibre, that knows exactly what to say, in order to direct me in the right direction.
He has a very good way to guide any kind of person, in any kind of situation.

His spectrum of ancient knowledge, wisdom and experience is incredible, outstanding.
It really covers it all how to create the happiest and abundant Life in the most beautiful way. I am very grateful that Leo has supported me to become the best version of myself. The toolbox is complete, with EVERYTHING you might need as a human being.

The Healing gift that he carries is extraordinary.
And only by his hands, that goes like a radar, he can create the best Healing provided for all humans, nature and living organisms.

Leo is a true Diamond, one of a kind.

Leo is on a mission. A mission to open and heal. A mission to integrate and reveal. A mission to share space and wholesomeness for expansion, as well as growth. His expertise outweighs any book or article, by far. My experience with Leo was that of unity, vulnerability and surrender. I’m very grateful to him for helping me on my journey. He is a beautiful soul, coming from a place of deep love. The optimal combination of masculine diligence, as well as feminine flow. Thank you Leo for reminding me, how amazing a person is! You are a wonderful messenger of light.

You created a safe space for me to open up and to find my way back to my heart. I was coming to you to learn ukulele, but you really supported me in the challenges I went through at the time. I appreciate your balanced energy and kindness

I’m truly grateful to life for making me bump into Leo. Since the first minutes of his presence I felt as he was given to me for a special reason. As one of those people that comes into your life and you know they are gonna be there all the times you would need to find an answer within yourself. He’s just more than a reminder, it’s pure truth coming from a whole life dedicated to the study of human relation, divine energies, inner/coach work and much more.

I think nowadays it’s not easy to find a real mentor, everybody sells themselves as a coach. But what truly makes the difference, in my opinion, it’s the years a person has dedicated to the work and study, Leo’s has a long experience under so many levels and his approach with the individual is just so right. I wish I would have started earlier!

His help is making a huge difference in my growing and expansion. I couldn’t recommend him more and I am so excited for what is yet to come. A lot of gratitude to you <3″.

Leo’s presence in a room is noticeable. He is gentle and yet powerful. When I first met him, he was so fascinating that everyone gathered around us to hear what he was sharing. He is a mysterious magician weaving wisdom into stories and metaphors that immediately come alive as they are spoken. He is incredibly creative and knowledgeable, full of world changing ideas. His depth of wisdom and his capacity for unconditional love was a true gift in my life.

I was in darkness and lost my way. I felt bad and I know it. It’s a labyrinth with many walls and roads that leads me nowhere. I’m tired and exhausted from running somewhere. I didn’t expect anything but the first hour of listening changed everything. I just understood how simple it can be. I always was used by someone and accepted it with bad feelings inside.
I finally got the idea why I acted that way. I can’t say I didn’t know it. I knew it but chose to be in my comfort zone. Nobody wants me out. I want. I felt when my soul accepted that energy. My brain was confused but heart had already known. I’m ready to go out of current me and follow. I can’t even measure how valuable this for me. That’s the tool to be real, to feel alive and build healthy relationships with people. For that short period of time I could find myself. For sure I always was with me but I don’t know why I looking for me so long. All previous steps and actions I did to reach that moment to listen. Finally I accept my past and don’t deny my mistakes and my pain. It’s real me with my vulnerability and scars. Do you like it? It’s just my way that made me nothing else. I can’t be better than others. I still know nothing and I’m happy to understand it. I just do small steps in the way I’ve chosen.

Simply put, Leo is Amazing! He created the space for me to fall in love with my guitar. With patience and cheering me on at every corner and with clear creative ways to learn chords, finger picking and strumming patterns. I’ve had other guitar teachers before and it didn’t stick or I lost interest. Leo is different. He will get you playing in no time and you’ll want to keep going back to grow your skills and for the love of the music!

I have always wanted to start playing the guitar but didn’t know where to start. By some magic, I came across a few people who were so inspired by Leo’s teaching style. A month later I had my first Ukulele lesson.
Leo is beyond just a music instructor. His ability to connect and understand the feminine energy, our needs, the way we learn and our potential to really step in as who we really are, is what makes him unique. He encourages you and constantly reminds you how gifted you are, and that there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do but to enjoy this journey of coming home to remembering our hidden gifts to play and sing.The compassion, softness and acceptance in Leo allows me and reminds me to be more soft and gentle with myself and don’t take it all too serious.

The way he teaches, bypasses the mind and tunes into the natural flow of our body and fingers remembering how to play.
I also consider Leo, a friend, a brother, and a wise inspiring mentor who has been there for me in times that I just needed to speak.
I’m very grateful to have him in my life, for many reasons.

Thank you Leo for the bright inspiring being that you are, for what you believe and see in all of us.

A few years ago, my friend highly recommended and pushed me to meet Leo. It was one of the most valuable days in my life. These were the last days of my stay on the magical island Bali and we met. I will never forget these insightful eyes shining with wisdom and unconditional love. Our first meeting lasted about one hour, but a golden stream of light fell upon me. We talked very nice and deep, he reminded me that I am a goddess and that huge potential is hidden in me. The next day, going to the airport, I cried, feeling the deepest unity of myself with everything around me. I was everything, I was dissolved – that experience was impossible to describe in words. In another country, a few days later, in the company of some girls, I saw a book, “Secrets of the Goddess,” and while I was reading it, it literally repeated a lot of words Leo said during our first meeting. Another year, various information was unpacked in my space from various sources. Leo always talked a lot about the divinity and values ​​of female nature, and this activated purification in me of self-awareness as a divine being, who came here to create harmony and Love and to illuminate everything around with light. A year later, at a difficult time for me, Leo wrote me a message and we started calling up. It was completely unexpected. During that period of my life, a powerful transformation took place with me and I did not understand what to do, where to go. My intuition was revealed intensively, but I did not understand what to do with my sensitivity and visions. I was scared, lonely. Leo offered his help and we often called up, he gave me very valuable information, supported and inspired. He seemed to know what and when to say. Every second I freed myself from the many old programs, reactions and visions and gained fearlessness, the unity of mind and heart. I did not really go into details about my life and about my experiences with the words, but he felt everything – I know that. We talked about the universe, energies, relationships, the path, unconditional love, independence, tantra, freedom, creativity, the soul. Sometimes he extremely felt my feelings and called at the right time and saved me from a stupid choice that was catastrophically destroying for me. I don’t have enough words from all the galaxies to express what contribution Leo made in the direction of my life. With 1 second eye gazing he can sow in my soul the seeds of powerful spiritual growth and transformation. It’s always deep. And most beautifully, all this is from a pure heart and with the intention of sharing love and light. Leo, you are my guardian angel and savior.

A year ago, I literally changed the direction of my life by 180 degrees. Leo helped me remember my divine nature, believe in myself and my intuition, and in spite of all fears go where my heart is showing me. My life has changed. My attitude to money has changed, I began to trust the Universes more strongly. The universe began to show magic. I resumed my creative work, became aware of my potential and felt the support of the whole Universe. I am grateful to Leo, I learned many cosmic laws of the Soul of the World and felt what synchronization is. I’ll never forget the day when I didn’t know how to stop relationship with a man because of fear of losing ground, but then I ended that relationship and decided to go to work in a restaurant in Europe at night time to earn money for my intentions to start designing fashion, I literally plunged into a deep depression and sadness, my soul was against this choice. Suddenly Leo called me and said that he felt my condition and that I should not worry so much, especially because of money and self-realization, and that I should do what my heart tells and the money will attract. He said that going to work somewhere at night in restaurants and disco is not an option and that the Universe has already prepared all the best for me right here and now,on a red carpet, I just have to trust. I was shocked by his words, because I did not talk in detail about my relationship with a man, and even more that I was going to go to earn money not in the best healthy way in Europe. After our conversation, I randomly opened one of the books that I took the day before from a friend and it was written there that, “money is not the goal, but only funds that will attract if you fearlessly take the path to your dream.” A few days later I bought a one-way ticket to Bali. I felt everything was going to be alright. One of my friends from Tokyo who moved to Berlin made a phone call, found out about my decision to go to the island and she said that she had a dream that she was in Bali and also everyone around her was constantly talking about Bali. Universe synchronized us. She expressed an offering to support me and to sew together our first collection of clothes.

I saw Leo several times in Bali on the first day of my stay and after half a year on the last day of being on the island. And no matter how often we do not see each other, there is no time for our souls. It is interesting to observe the process of our interaction. A moment of communication with Leo activates the unpacking of many transformational processes. After our meetings, my consciousness is actively transforming. After several questions of Leo, I am in a constant meditation state for a few days and this affects the quality and energy content of my future life. I am grateful to the universe for our meeting. Leo is truly my guide to my Divinity . I recognized my true nature and believed in myself. I do not feel alone anymore and I feel huge support in all levels of Existence.

I know who I am with your support. I love you Leo. May the force always be with you. It is a gift of the Creator – to know you in this World and moving to the same direction. Thousands of lives will not suffice to show gratitude and Love for you. The spirit heals through you all living and nonliving creatures in this World. I am happy from the heart, our souls dancing with similar frequencies.

With love and gratitude.

Leo is not a coach, he is not a therapist and not a mentor either. There is no such separation in working with Leo. Leo is ‘just’ a human being with the purest intention to help people find & walk their way. Not too long ago we initiated my transition into full sovereign manhood which was the biggest transformation of my life. From being thrown around by the waves of life to becoming centred in my own being. Since then my life turned around 180 degrees – financially, physically & mentally.

Leo is my brother, my friend and a great supporter who I can always rely on. If there is somebody you can trust, then it is Leo.

Leo is for real. For real he walks the talk. He serves, helps, and saves lives from the dimming light of despair. His presence is healing, his love is soothing, his care comforting. He uses metaphors like capsules that allow the information to be absorbed by the mind, restructuring it. You start to think differently and the surroundings follow. He is a master of untying co-dependent entanglements and removing the residue of thought to clear your vision.

Leo knows that we are truly safe in the heart of the universe. I was watching him when he found that one of his loved ones had health issue,He wasn’t moved in his presence when he learned the news, he never lost his connection to Truth. His assurance keeps her healthy and fearless.

Leo is for real. Leo was there for me when I was going through a rippingly painful divorce. He was coaching both me and my partner, not looking for ways to mend us together, rather inviting us to open up to Truth. His medicine is sweet like confirmation, salty like tears of release, and spicy like honesty burning through the stories of situations that have never happened. 

Leo IS for real.

Leo is a beacon of light in my life. Just thinking about his joyful presence, unending encouragement and sage insights makes me smile and feel comforted. YHe has, without a doubt, been one of the key elements in my personal growth, self acceptance and ability to see the light in the world. Thank you, Leo.

Leo Pakkhoo is a master of Unconditional Positive Regard which is the essential basic ingredient for any therapy to work. He exudes pure love in a way that makes me feel valued and seen. I did a three-session process with him. It was professionally handled and well structured. It was a journey and somewhat hard to describe. Imagine speaking to a psychological counsellor who knows about Chakras, Zodiacs and Tantra and genuinely wants and sees the best for you. Thank you Leo.