Leo Pakkhoo

Leo Pakkhoo

“I believe in the immense power of the human spirit to heal ourselves and then the world. Divine Union is the key.”

Leo is a highly experienced shaman who offers the world a different reality. He has led a colourful life, one full of adventure, abundance and fulfilment! For decades Leo has coached people in all walks of life, from CEO’s, celebrities to homeless individuals. He has dedicated his life to studying the human mind, body, sexuality, emotions, astrology, alchemy and music and brings all this wisdom generously to every interaction.

Leo is an initiative coach and his teachings are founded on the notion that we all have the answers to our life’s struggles within us, we just need support sometimes to see them.

After decades of dedication as a lightworker, coaching 1000’s of people, he now focuses his attention on helping couples to first experience Divine Union with themselves and then with each other.

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