Leo Pakkhoo

Leo Pakkhoo

"My job is to make sure that your souls understand each other and the reasons why you have been brought together.

After that, if you desire, you can continue to build a healthy romantic relationship on top of your new foundations.”

“The number one reason for all friction in a relationship is the lack of trust. Either with the self or each other”.

Leo has spent decades refining his toolkit for couples and individuals to help build back the trust, thus creating space for growth and healing.

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It is an opportunity to not miss, to receive Leo’s gifts, whether they be exquisite music enabling, personal expansion, healing, or any form of his presence.


Leo is an amazing shaman/coach/mentor/friend… if there is a characteristic that defines Leo, that is humility. He is the one who knows but has always a beginner’s attitude.


Leo is on a mission. A mission to open and heal. A mission to integrate and reveal. A mission to share space and wholesomeness for expansion, as well as growth.

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