Leo Pakkhoo

Leo Pakkhoo

Would you like to experience Divine Union?

In a world that leads predominantly with their heads, not their hearts it can be hard to make long lasting changes in your life. There is so much advice out there- however much of it doesn’t get to the root cause of our suffering. If you are ready to challenge yourself in a safe, loving space with a guide who embodies practical spirituality then you have come to the right place. Once you have felt Leo’s energy you are sure to realise that life is incredible and you are an amazing being!

Leo offers both individual and couples coaching packages. These can be online or face to face from his home in Bali.

Coaching with Leo

Communication with our 5 centres






Disconnection in any one of these centres can cause friction.

More on Leo’s Approach

To understand what is blocking the communication in these 5 centres we must Address, Re-program and Heal our wounds.


What is it that you need to work on? What is getting in your way of happiness?


What old beliefs no longer serve you? Where can you start to trust again? 


How can you start to heal and how can your partner support? 

In doing so, you will come back to a place of balance and harmony

We are not complicated beings...

...we are just complex!