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Frequently Asked Questions

In order for the soul to have a 3 dimensional experience in the physical world, it needs a body, a personality, and ego for protection. Based on our own divine contract that we sign, most of the time the personality that carries the ego separates from the soul (sometimes referred to as the heart or our essence). This separation can cause friction, pain, anxiety, depression etc… Divine Union means to be aligned, at peace, in love and acceptance with yourself first, then with everything outside of you.

So, approaching relationship coaching in this way means Leo helps you to understand all aspects of creation, your role in this world and your unique gifts and abilities. He will help you to de-program, identify and heal traumas to then open space for your higher self to surface. This brings harmony to all relationships.

Of course! Leo’s approach is inclusive of all types of relationships as he works with the soul and energy. When he talks of the “Masculine and Feminine’ he is referring to the energy, not the body in which you happen to be in.

Yes, Leo is currently working with both individuals and couples. However, by June 2021 Leo will no longer offer individual coaching as he will be launching the Divine Union Program. So, get in now if you want some Leo love!

Well, in some ways yes but Leo is not a ‘love coach’. He will ensure that you look deep into what may be blocking romantic love in your life, however you will need to do the work on cultivating a Divine Union with yourself first. It’s all about frequency and vibration so, after working with Leo you will definitely feel that you have raised your vibration and therefore may attract a very different kind of love!

There seems to be about four different general categories: 

1) Couples that have already separated and are connected to each other through children, business etc. They are looking to ensure they can stay harmonious. 

2) Couples that have friction in their relationship at the moment but wish to stay together.

3) Couples who are experiencing a beautiful union but they wish to expand their connection to be more soulful and tantric.

4) Couples that think they want to separate but need some support to do it with love and light.

Yes! Leo feels very strongly about the healing process that we all must do with our parents. It is very strongly connected to our personal growth and shows up in our relationships.

Over the years, Leo has seen that 1 session is never enough. So, he now offers 3 session packages so that he can cover the basics and dig into your unique challenges. After this, it’s up to you! There are plenty of aspects that you can dive into with the support of Leo.

Leo’s suggestion is that you start the work and your evolution and growth will usually inspire your partner to join the journey.